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Contact: Sue Crowe Mobile +61 498 964 963 E-Mail: info@diveOZTek.com.au
Event Name: OZTek2019 - Advanced Diving Conference & Exhibition
16th - 17th March 2019: 09.00 - 18.00
  09.00 - 16.30

Hall 4, ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Exhibitor Profile: Training Agencies & Organizations • Dive Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors (Compressors, Computers, Drysuits, Regulators, Rebreathers, ROV.'s, Helmets, Hardware, Software, Accessories, etc.) • Clubs & Diving Associations • Safety Organizations • Dive Travel & Resorts • Dive Stores & Retailers • Live-aboard Dive Operators • Dive Charter vessels • Dive Media • Underwater Photographic Equipment • Leisure Clothing • Marine Conservation • National Tourism Organisations • Lifestyle Companies • Vehicle Manufacturers • Boat Builders • Accessory Manufacturers.
Speaker Profile: Internationally respected authorities in their respective fields of diving expertise, including: Recreational, Technical & Exploration diving • Diving Physiology & Medicine • Construction & Salvage Diving • Scientific and Military diving • Underwater Photography, Videography and Film-making • Equipment Designers • Wreck-Hunters & Underwater Treasure Seekers.
Audience Profile: A qualified and clearly targeted audience comprising dedicated diving consumers and dive industry personnel drawn from every facet of diving.
Number of Stands: 70 +
Workshops/Seminars: Breakout workshops and special-interest seminars will run continuously throughout both days in meeting rooms adjacent to the main auditorium. (Advance booking by exhibitors wishing to use these facilities is essential.)
Associated Events:
Gala AWARDS Dinner: Sunday 17th March 2019.
  Details on website
Underwater Photographic Competition: Details on Website
Organisers: OZTek - Australian Diving Technologies Conference
62 /  329 Ocean Drive, West Haven, NSW 2443
Mobile: +61 (0)498 964 963 
E: info@diveOZTek.com.au / W: www.OZTek.com.au Contact: Sue Crowe


The OZTek2019 Dive, Training, Travel and Photo Show, 16 - 17 March 2019

Combining the internationally acclaimed, OZTek Advanced Diving Conference with a full-scale Dive Show, OZTek2019 is again poised to set new standards of excellence in Dive Events.

Offering exhibitors the opportunity to tap directly into one of the world's most dynamic regional diving markets, OZTek2019 is targeted towards an affluent and influential audience of dedicated diving consumers and industry professionals keen to update their knowledge as well as their equipment.

Focussed on the full spectrum of underwater activities, (from recreational, technical, commercial, military and scientific diving through to free-diving and marine conservation issues) the two-day OZTek2019 event will merge all facets of diving into one exhibition aimed at promoting the excitement and adventure of diving to an enthusiastic audience.

Showcasing the very best the world of diving has to offer, a presence at OZTek2019 gives exhibitors the opportunity to:

  • Consolidate and reinforce their position in the marketplace.
  • Source new markets.
  • Create increased brand awareness for products and services.
  • Meet new customers and stimulate sales.
  • Preview new diving equipment, trends and technologies.
  • Attend update seminars, training programmes and the OZTek2017 Conference.

To be staged at Hall 4, International Convention Centre Sydney, (Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia,) on the weekend of the 16th - 17th March 2019, OZTek2019 promises to again be a highlight event on the international dive industry calendar.

The OZTek2019 Diving Technologies Conference, 16 - 17 March 2019

A major international event that, since its inception in 1999, has played a significant role in highlighting the adventure and excitement inherent in diving, OZTek - the Australian Diving Technologies Conference - has played a key role in creating broad awareness of those techniques and technologies that are helping to push back the boundaries of underwater knowledge.

Produced by divers for divers, the OZTek Conference offers unique insights into the entire world of diving by encouraging a better understanding of all that it has to offer. Representing the broad spread of diving interests, (recreational, extreme exploration, technical, commercial, military and scientific) the speaker list for OZTek2019 will again include some of the most prominent world leaders in their particular fields of expertise; active divers whose wealth of knowledge is second to none and who have been instrumental in helping to shape the future growth and development of diving.

Promising to again be one of the most distinguished gatherings of diving celebrities ever seen at a single event, the full programme of OZTek2019 speaker presentations will cater to every aspect and level of underwater interest with topics that include: Cave and wreck diving adventures, techniques and explorations; Developments in rebreather technology; Equipment selection and configuration; Diving Destinations; Deep diving considerations; Commercial diving practices; Saturation diving; Decompression procedures; Hyperbaric medicine; Training programmes; Military diving applications; Search-and-rescue techniques; Marine archaeology; Underwater photography and videography; Diver safety and more. 


Diving Media

The primary target audience will be diving consumers and dive industry personnel reached through a mix of both local and international hard-copy and on-line diving publications; various internet diving forums (with several offering to host sections dedicated to OZTek2019) blogs, websites and social media sites. This will be supported by regular e-newsletters and direct mail broadcasts to OZTek's extensive subscriber base.

The intensive promotional campaign will combine regular editorial news releases with print advertisements, banner advertising on selected websites, flyers, hand-bills, a poster and POS materials. Each PR release will focus on various aspects of the event and be disseminated to media outlets and organisations expressing an interest in supporting the event.  

OZTek Website

In keeping with a full-scale dive exhibition, the OZTek2019 website will include a full range of informative pages designed to entice divers, web surfers and the general public to access the site on-line. Promotional coverage will highlight the OZTek2019 website and give exhibitors continual on-line exposure to the OZTek2019 audience.

Mainstream Media

A mainstream media campaign aimed at creating greater awareness of the event - and targeted at both the diving as well as the general public - will be initiated in the months leading up to the event. This will consist of regular PR releases directed towards print and electronic media outlets; a campaign that - among other things - will focus on editorial interview opportunities with the international speakers invited to present at OZTek2019.


ICC Sydney, Australia

The gateway to Australia, cosmopolitan Sydney is one of the world's most vibrant, innovative and beautiful destinations.
The International Convention Centre (ICC) is in the heart of Sydney, located in the active precinct of Darling Harbour on Cockle Bay. OZTek2019 will take place in Hall 4 of the new ICC Exhibition Centre 

OZTek2019 Conference - more information here

OZTek2019 Dive, Training, Travel & Photo show - more information here



Built around the foreshores of one of the world's most scenic harbours, Sydney is the Capital of New South Wales and Australia's oldest, largest and most culturally diverse cities. The birthplace of the nation, Sydney is a city of icons, one that's instantly recognised by its Harbour Bridge, the soaring sails of its Opera House and magnificent beaches. Equally renowned for its laid-back, friendly lifestyle and rich multi-cultural heritage, Sydney has something for everyone. For more information on Sydney, visit the website at: www.sydneyaustralia.com

Sydney Airport's international and domestic terminals are approximately 8 kilometres from Sydney's CBD - just a short drive, depending on traffic conditions and the time of day. The airport is served by all major international airlines, as well as all three of Australia's major domestic airlines, Virgin Blue (www.virginblue.com.au); Qantas (www.qantas.com.au), and Jetstar (www.jetstar.com.au). Buses, a train link and taxis service the airport.


Travellers to Australia require a valid passport or similar certificate of identification. All travellers to Australia must have a valid visa before boarding their plane. They cannot apply for a visa on arrival in Australia, (except New Zealand and Norfolk Island passport holders who do not normally need to lodge a visa application prior to departure.)

International visitors who wish to attend an event, conference or meeting in Australia are encouraged to apply for the appropriate visa at least four to six weeks before departing for Australia.

Visitors to Australia must meet all relevant requirements to be granted the appropriate visa. Visit the Department of Immigration's website at: for information on visas and other useful contacts.

For the location of the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate see the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's website at: www.dfat.gov.au/missions/

Customs and Quarantine

For information on duty free entitlements, see the see the Australian Customs Service website at: www.customs.gov.au

Because of Australia's unique environment there are restrictions on certain food, plant and animal products. For further information see the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service website at: www.daff.gov.au

Health Requirements

  • Vaccinations
    Vaccinations are not required unless you have come from, or visited a yellow fever infected country or zone within six days before arrival. No other health certificate is required in order to enter Australia.
  • Medications
    Medicinal products brought into Australia are subject to strict controls and should be declared on arrival. It is advisable to have a letter or prescription from your doctor describing your medical condition and the medication.


Australia has a decimal system with 100 cents to the dollar (AUD$). Coins have values of 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and AUD$1 and AUD$2; Notes have values of AUD$5, AUD$10, AUD$20, AUD$50 and AUD$100.


All main banks in Sydney are equipped to exchange foreign currency. You can also exchange foreign currency any day or night at the airport, or during normal business hours at any of the city's many foreign exchange outlets.

Travellers Cheques are the safest and most convenient way to carry funds. Brands like American Express and Thomas Cook are widely accepted and can be cashed at banks, foreign exchange brokers, larger hotels and restaurants, and for car rental. Passport ID is required when you cash Travellers Cheques. Fees for changing Travellers Cheques vary from bank to bank.

Major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bankcard, Diners Club and their affiliates - are widely accepted throughout New South Wales. Some retailers in larger centres will also accept JCB cards. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) with around-the-clock access are available in convenient locations like banks, entertainment and conference venues, along main shopping streets and in malls.


Temperate with four distinct seasons: Summer (December - February); Autumn (March - May); Winter (June - August); Spring (September - November). Average Sydney temperatures for the month of March are 17° C. (63° F.) at night and 24° C. (75° F.) during the day with 63% humidity.


Tipping is not a general custom in Australia, and is at the discretion of the individual.

Hotels and Accommodation

Sydney offers the complete range of accommodation choices, (from hostels to serviced apartments and luxury 5-star hotels) priced to suit every budget and taste. Details of recommended accommodations for exhibitors, conference delegates and visitors to OZTek2017 will be made available via the website at: www.OZTek.com.au

Conference Passes: Including unlimited entry to the exhibition, the Conference Passes represent outstanding value and allow access to all public presentation and seminar sessions.

(N.B. Some Exhibitor and Special Interest workshop sessions may be by invitation only.)

Gold  Two Day Pass - All Sessions: $275.00 (inc. GST)
Silver  One Day Pass - All Sessions: $160.00 (inc. GST)

(Prices for Session Tickets will be announced closer to the event. These tickets are valid for any two sessions within a set time period and will be available for sale on each day at the Registration Desk.)


Exhibition Entry to General Public: Adults: $25.00 (inc. GST)
(When accompanied by a paying adult, children under 15 years of age will be admitted FOC.)
Exhibition Services: Unless otherwise arranged and agreed beforehand, all Exhibitor Display Services will be supplied under contract solely by Moreton Hire & Events. Details of the various services offered by Moreton Hire will be included in the Exhibitor Manual.
Setup & Pull-down: Exhibitors will be allowed access to set up their displays from 1 pm on Friday 15th March 2019. Pull-down will occur immediately after the show closes at 5pm on Sunday 17th March 2017. Full details of Goods Delivery & Removal will be included in the Exhibitors Manual.
Exhibition Booths: A variety of Exhibitor Booths are available. These will be reserved on receipt of deposit.
Thirty-seven (48) 3m x 1.5m Booths (4.5 sq.mtrs)
Eighteen (20) 3m x 3m Booths (9 sq.mtrs)
Nine (9) 3m x 6m Booths (18 sq.mtrs)
Exhibitor Stands: Exhibitors wishing to use their own, or a non-standard booth supplied by Moreton Hire, may book free standing Space Only. The exhibitor will be responsible for arranging their own power, lighting and signage requirements directly with the approved contractor. The use of, type and structure of any such Exhibitor Display Stands must be approved by the Organisers beforehand, and any approved stands must be no larger than that of the Standard Expo Direct Hire supplied booth for that particular space.




3m x 3m &
3m x 1.5m Booths

Shell Scheme Package exhibition booth

Walls: 2500mm high matt anodized aluminium frame with white laminated infills.

Fascia: Matt anodized aluminium frame 380mm high with white laminate infill.

Sign: One digital print lettering on white laminate infill per aisle (max 30 characters).

Lighting: Two 150-watt spotlights per booth mounted on light track inside fascia. (One per 3m x 1.5m booth)

Power: One 4amp power point per booth.

6m x 3m Open Booths
open booth



(All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and are exclusive of the 10% GST applying to Australian-based companies.)

Stand Size
(Sq. Mtr)
No. of
Shell Scheme+
(excl. GST)
Space Only+
(excl. GST)
3m x 1.5m
(4.5 sqm)
48 $ 2245 N/A 2 x Exhibitor
1x Conference
5 x Visitor
3m x 3m
(9 sqm)
18 $ 4279 N/A 3 x Exhibitor
2 x Conference
10 x Visitor
6m x 3m
(18 sqm)
9 $ 7809 POA 4 x Exhibitor
3 x Conference
20 x Visitor

Terms 30% Deposit due: With booking
  30% Instalment due: 15 July 2018 (or as agreed if booked after July) 
  40% Balance due: 15 December 2018

Exhibitor Benefits:

  • Inclusion of logo on posters etc. when taking more than 9sqm of space.
  • Inclusion of logo on OZTek website. (Links included on a reciprocal basis.)
  • Booking priority for workshop and seminar rooms, Gala Awards Dinner, etc.
  • Exhibitor Name badges.
  • Complimentary passes to the OZTek2019 speaker presentations.
  • Complimentary Visitor Passes for preferred customers to the OZTek2019 Exhibition.
  • 24-hour venue security services.

N.B. Public Liability Insurance is not included in the stand cost. It is a venue requirement and a condition of exhibiting that all stand holders have a certificate of currency demonstrating that a Public Risk Liability policy for AUD$20,000,000 for any one occurrence has been effected and is current for the duration of the event. While the Organisers will endeavour to source competitively priced quotes, it is the responsibility of those companies and organisations not already in possession of a Public Liability policy to secure their own insurance coverage.



Please download a PDF of the Stand Application form here

(Completed form may be scanned and e-mailed to: info@diveOZTek.com.au)



Click here to read and download the Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Download the printable Sales Kit

"It was everything and more than we expected. We brought over a small group from Perth and we hope to bring a much bigger group next time. "