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In March 2019, it will be 20 years since OZTek was first inspired and created. Richard Taylor and David Strike conceptualised and brought together a unique combination of real-life adventure and diving technological innovation.

20 years on, OZTek not only continues to celebrate those to step over previous sand-drawn lines and boundaries but also embraces all aspects of diving bringing like-minds together to inspire and educate.

When:  March 16-17, 2019    Where:  International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour

OZTek2019, is the only Australian bi-annual one-stop adventure into the dynamic world of diving. We bring together the world’s greatest divers, scientists, explorers, trainers and photographers. Impossible to replicate, get ready to absorb the excitement, discover new adventures and destinations, learn new possibilities and, most importantly, have a heap of fun.

Jill Heinerth amazing crowds at OZTek2017 Over 40 awesome diving giants speak at OZTek every 2 years  Paul Toomer talking expedition diving at OZTek2017 Hoya Negro with Alberto Nava, an OZTek2019 Speaker Alberto Nava by Alberto Chavez in Hoyo Negro Simon Mitchell at OZTek2017

The OZTek2019 - All about the Adventure

Every two years, over 40 Diving Giants arrive down-under to share their discoveries, adventures, achievements, personal journeys and blow us away with what’s possible.

Each presenter brings unique, exciting (often sobering) topics heard first at OZTek. These seriously extraordinary divers, at the top of their careers, provoke awe, provide knowledge, improve methodology and above all, entertain. 

Dive Adventures at OZTek2017 Rodney Fox Great White Shark Expeditions at OZTek2017 Scubapix at OZTek2017 OZTek2017 Dive & Travel Exhibition Shearwater at OZTek2017 Wakatobi at OZTek2017 Halcyon & Santi at OZTek2017

OZTek2019 Dive, Training, Travel & Photo Show 

As well as incredible stories - there is SO MUCH to experience – travel destinations, liveaboards, Australian adventures, new innovations, equipment, training, photography (cameras, housings, strobes, lenses…), dive instruments, compressors, wet & dry suits ... the list is too long to write!

It's early days, so, for up-to-date news visit our Exhibitors' page 

Photographic Exhibition at OZTek2017 Photographic Competition winners at OZTek2017 Alison Perkins winner of Marine Life & Diver Category Photographic workshops in the Imaging Centre Pushing the Envelope Exhibition at OZTek2017 Maya Santangelo Marine life category OZTek2017

OZTek2019 Image Centre 

Improving on the successful inaugural photographic workshops (with all the lessons learned in 2017...). There will be more to learn and admire from our talented professional photographers and videographers. Plus the Underwater Photographic Competition Winners Exhibition from 2018 & 2019. (2019 competition launching later this year). Underwater inspiration to get you in the water and reaching for your cameras.

NB: All photos thanks to Vivian Matson-Larkin & Lindsay Preece unless otherwise stated

OZTek Diving Conference & Exhibition is much more than just another dive show; it's a dynamic event focused on excitement and tomorrow's diving possibilities. Come and celebrate with us.

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Staying in Sydney

Securing your accommodation - Sydney is beautiful but busy and in March, hotel rooms can be a bit thin on the ground ... we have two hotels we regularly use and which offer special rates for OZTek but there are also many other options.

We also recommend looking at online systems if needed.

History in the Making

In October 2018, an expedition to commemorate and document the 100th anniversary of the Scapa Flow wrecks is being undertaken by MV Halton and MV Huskyan, skippered by Emily Turton.

Emily will be at OZTek to show us the results, along with Professors Chris Rowland and Kari Hyttinen, two extraordinary divers/scientists at the absolute cutting edge of 3D photogrammetry. 

OZTek2019 Dive, Training & Travel Show

Celebrating 20 years of
OZTek Dive, Training & Travel Show

As well as incredible first-hand adventures- there is SO MUCH more to experience – travel destinations, liveaboards, Australian adventures, new innovations, equipment, training, photography (cameras, housings, strobes, lenses…), dive instruments, compressors, wet & dry suits, photographic exhibitions and workshops ... the list is too long to write. Find out more here ..

OZTek2017 Dive & Travel Show
OZTek2019 just around the corner

Less than 12 months away, OZTek2019 will be held on the weekend of March 16/17, 2019 at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC), Darling Harbour.

This will be our 10th show, celebrating 20 years for Australia's most dynamic, successful dive event  which offers a unique blend of real life adventures brought to us firsthand by todays Diving Giants, plus the excitement of new toys, training, travel, video and photography. 

OZTek puts the excitement back into diving - at every level – providing awe, admiration and inspiration as you listen to the world's leading underwater explorers, researchers and scientists share their experiences, good and bad, in an action-packed week-end dedicated to diving adventure and real-life experiences...