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Originally from the UK and first learning to dive in 1961, David Strike's background encompasses military, commercial, scientific, recreational and technical diving.  Serving with the Royal Navy – during which time he participated in a ground-breaking oceanographic research project - he later became an offshore commercial diver on the North Sea gas and oil platforms before emigrating to Australia in the 'Seventies, since when he has dived and travelled extensively throughout the Asia Pacific region.


Qualified on open circuit, as well as rebreathers, surface demand, and standard diving apparatus, Strike is a former recreational and technical diving Instructor and Instructor Certifier whose diving credentials include certifications from ANDI, BSAC, IANTD, PADI and SSI, as well as the legendary diving company, Siebe-Gorman. 

Establishing a successful, internationally-affiliated media organisation while simultaneously continuing to teach diving and study for an external university degree, he was one of the first divers in Australia to embrace Technical Diving.  A prolific writer, Strike has authored a number of diving manuals as well as penning several hundred articles covering all aspects of diving that have appeared in publications and websites around the world. 

Continuing to maintain a passionate interest in an activity that has dominated his life, David Strike was previously organiser of the internationally acclaimed OZTeK Diving Conference and Exhibition, and is a Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York.

David Strike
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