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Tomek Stachura is one of the most active wreck divers in the Baltic Sea. He specializes in deep underwater wreck photography and has taken thousands of underwater pictures of Baltic wrecks as well as many caves on different continents.

Tomasz Stachura Oztek 2017

Currently he is working on an innovative way of presenting wrecks in 3D technology.

Tomasz Stachura Oztek 2017

His photos have graced the covers of National Geographic in Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and Poland in 2014 and 2015. His photo-mosaic of the Swedish wreck Mars Makalios is known and recognized worldwide.

Tomasz Stachura Oztek 2017

Tomek is founder, owner and CEO of SANTI Diving – a worldwide diving company producing diving equipment and specialisng in drysuits. Co-founder of an international Baltictech Conference dedicated to promotion of the wreck diving in the Baltic Sea.

Tomasz Stachura Oztek 2017

Originator and chief of the ‘SANTI Find the Eagle’ expedition – a long term project aiming to find wreck of the submarine ‘Eagle’ (ORP Orzeł) lost in the North Sea in 1940.

Tomek is a member of the New York Explorers Club.

Find out more about Tomek here:

www.santidiving.com / www.baltictech.com / www.santiodnalezcorla.pl / www.stachuraphoto.com

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