Des Paroz

Des Paroz has been blowing bubbles underwater for almost 25 years. He quickly developed an interest in rusty metal. Living in the US midwest in the mid 90s, Des qualified as a recreational deep and wreck diver. He happened upon a copy of a rather peculiar magazine called Aqua Corps, and his eyes opened to the possibility of nitrox and what is now known as tec diving.

Returning to Australia, Des was among the first to gain a PADI Enriched Air Diver and Instructor qualification in Australia, and was also an early ANDI and TDI Instructor.

In 1998 Des undertook an ANDI Technical SafeAir Diver course, simultaneously discovering the opportunities and risks associated with both tec diving and Richard Nicholls' sense of humour.

Following the introduction of the PADI TecRec system, Des moved his Tec instructor and trainer qualifications across to that system.

Des was among the first divers in Australia to dive sidemount in open water, learning the techniques of this from Grant Graves and later Jeff Loflin.

Des was also a pioneer of diving media, having launched, produced and co-hosted a diving podcast - The Surface Interval - with Greg Blair and Andrew Bowie. A PADI Course Director, TecRec Instructor Trainer and DAN Instructor Trainer, most of Des' dives are done using sidemount, and more often than not using Enriched Air. Des currently serves as a Navy Public Affairs Officer.