Georges Cameras Image Centre

Video & Photography @ OZTek

The George's Cameras Image Centre will be the epi-centre of all things photographic at OZTek2017.

As part of the $20 Exhibition Entry ticket (as well as the Gold & Silver Passes) you will discover...


Photographic  &  Video technical workshops.

For the first time, photographic and video technical workshops will be held in the George's Camera Image Centre.  
Learn from the the professionals about lighting, using a camera in challenging conditions, special techniques, editing, photoshopping etc.

Watch this space - workshop topics will be published closer to the event 

NOTE: If there is a workshop you'd like to suggest - please email [email protected] 


Georges Camera Image Centre @ OZTek Advanced Diving Conference    

Georges Cameras at OZTek Advanced Diving Conference

OZTek2017 Underwater Photographic Competition Winners

Commend, applaud and enjoy the winners of the OZTek2017 Underwater Photographic Competition Winners, including the Nikon Dive Portfolio of the Year.

The winning images will be framed and displayed in each category alongside their prizes. Come and enjoy the lovely pictures - a visual representation of the underwater world we love.

For more information on the photographic competition and how to register - click here.


The George's Camera Underwater Photographic Exhibition. 

An enviable collection of printed, framed and mounted underwater works by talented photographers; simply to be admired and enjoyed.

Rarely do we find such a comprehensive collection of images in one place. Don't miss it.


Georges Cameras Photographic Exhibition @ OZTek